13905_603752383075264_733128595897358457_nSeptember 16, 2014

The Awesome Molly Watt!




unnamed-2September 12, 2014

Speaking at Harvard




unnamed-4September 12, 2014

2014 Usher Syndrome Family Conference – Family Panel (transcript and video)




Screenshot 2014-06-20 09.21.55June 20, 2014

San Francisco’s Heart




photo1June 9, 2014





KateyMay 30, 2014

 Roll the bones




photo (49) May 8, 2014

To see myself in a wedding dress.




1898785_597683080309259_1139369580_o April 21, 2014

 Ethiopia: My Best Experience



12492_602869866457247_75703535_n-1 April 3, 2014

 Stars, Accessibility, Blind Writer, Mentorship, and more Stars at South by Southwest



249645_874313840947_4593673_n March 12, 2014

 My brother… @JohnnyWalsh!



girl March 7, 2014

 The Flight Attendant who gave me the World.



 February 18, 2014

 Adventure and Beauty in New Zealand



 February 7, 2014

 I don’t need my eyes… I feel every position.



Plane January 30, 2014

 The world will not wait for me to see it. 





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